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Specialty Projection, Audio & Acoustics 

Imaginative solutions for turning concepts into realities.

Creating experiences that capture the target audience’s imagination requires not only outstanding conceptualisation, but cutting edge projection and audio/acoustical solutions that are able to turn the artist’s vision into a reality.

Cubexis designs, builds and supports customised projection solutions suitable for all experiences, no matter how diverse.

From immersive attractions and architectural projections to industrial and commercial applications including Computer Augmented Virtual Environments, we provide clients with unique forms of high-quality audio/video equipment.

We also offer precision master planning and full engineering services while deploying the latest auto-alignment technologies to ensure our solutions conform to the standards required through out a show’s life-cycle, meaning minimal maintenance is required.  

Partner with Cubexis to deliver the optimised projection/audio solutions and show controllers needed to create immersive experiences and attractions that capture imaginations, creating long-lasting memories.


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